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League of Legends scripting features offer players a range of automated actions and customizable options to enhance their gameplay experience. These features, though prohibited and against the game's terms of service, can be in various scripting programs. Some common features found in League of Legends scripting include: Automated Skill Shots || Perfect Combo || OrbWakling/Kiting || Utility Functions || Enemy Cooldown Tracker || & Much More!


Take your League of Legends gameplay to extraordinary heights with Evade LOL Scripts. Our revolutionary product offers advanced evasion techniques, allowing you to outmaneuver your opponents and dodge skill shots with unparalleled precision.


LOL script with Prediction is a programs or codes used in League of Legends that focus on predicting the movement and actions of both allies and opponents. These scripts analyze various factors, such as positioning, movement patterns, and ability usage, to anticipate the behavior of players in real-time.


Orbwalking in League of Legends refers to a technique commonly used in scripts or automation programs to optimize a champion's attack and movement patterns during combat. It involves alternating between auto-attacks and movement commands in quick succession, allowing players to efficiently kite their opponents or farm minions.

Target Selector

he target selector in League of Legends scripts typically considers various factors when determining the best target. These factors can include the proximity of enemies, their health status, their threat level, and other customizable parameters.


A perfect combo in League of Legends scripts typically involves the seamless coordination of different abilities, often with precise timing and targeting, to achieve the desired outcome in a single, efficient sequence. The goal is to quickly and effectively eliminate or disable an enemy champion. Hold Spacebar to win.

Drawing 4K

Drawings in League of Legends scripts typically serve as visual aids or indicators to enhance a player's awareness and decision-making. They can include various elements such as lines, circles, text, or icons that are overlaid onto the game's graphics. Things such as: Tower Range || Skill Shot Indicators || Health Bars || and much more!

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Free or Warez Applications

Detected by Riot Games (ban after 3 weeks)
Only 1 feature (OrbWalker)
Works on few champions
Payment only with crypto
Slow FPS when using
Limited resolutions(1280x720@60fps only)
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Licensed, Safe & Secure

Undetected (only players can report you)
6 features included (Evade, OrbWalker...)
Works perfectly with ALL champions
Payment with Paypal, Credit Card..
0 performance loss with all drawings in 4K
All resolutions-friendly (144hz, 240hz, ...)
100% Undetectable

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