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League of Legends MMR Checker


To keep League of Legends matches balanced, Riot Games developed a Matchmaking Rating system, or MMR for short. This fantastic system ensures that equally-skilled players are always matched against one another. However, all of this happens in the background. While MMR is vital for determining player matchups in League, the game will never tell you what your MMR score is. This is where our League of Legends MMR checker comes in.

The League of Legends MMR Checker

Play competitively in League of Legends, and you will have a rank. There are 9 ranks from Iron to Challenger. This information isn't hidden by Riot, and it is a great way to track how good you are at the game. Many people don't realize this, but there is a secondary rank calculated by the scenes. This is MMR, a slight variation on ELO rankings from chess.

Your MMR impacts everything that you do in League of Legends. It determines which players you match up with when playing unranked and competitively. This is why you will rarely have an imbalanced match in League. It will also impact how many points you gain or lose when playing competitively. If you have a high MMR compared to the other players in your rank, then you will gain league points far quicker, allowing you to rank up faster. If you have a low MMR, then you will find it harder to get out of a specific rank.

The problem is that League of Legends will never tell you what your MMR is. You can get a rough idea by looking at the number of league points you gain when you win a game (25 LP means you have a higher MMR than other players, and 15 LP means lower), but you will never get a firm figure. Well, unless you use our League of Legends MMR Checker. 

Our League of Legends MMR Checker will tell you your rough MMR score. This will allow you to see how good you are in comparison to the rest of your rank, while also allowing you to see whether you are improving over time. 

How Our League of Legends MMR Checker Works

Our League of Legends MMR checker is simple to use. Just tap in the name of your account and you will instantly find out your MMR. Well, a close approximation of it. Our League of Legends MMR Checker is based on our knowledge of how the ELO system works. When you tap in your details, we will analyze your historical match activity (wins, losses, performances, opponents, etc.) and tell you what we believe your MMR in League of Legends is. 

Our system can only offer an approximation. Riot controls its own MMR system, and it may have factors that may slightly influence MMR scores. Factors that we are unaware of, since Riot doesn't announce them (they don't want people manipulating their scores), but our MMR checker can give you an estimate to within 5% accuracy, which is good enough for most people. 

Why Use an MMR Checker?

When you are stuck in the same ranking division for League of Legends, it is hard to know whether you are improving at the game. Some people find it incredibly tough to go up a rank, even if they are stacking up wins. This can make it tough to know whether you are getting better at the game.

By looking at your League MMR, you can see your points increase (or decrease) over time. If you are seeing your MMR creep up by a few points every so often, then you know that you are improving. If you are seeing your score stay the same, then it means that you really need to train to be better. Your skills have become static. If you are seeing a decrease in your MMR, then something may be wrong. For example, you may have developed a poor habit, or you may have started to play a character that you aren't good at.

Knowing your MMR is a great way to motivate you to improve at the game. It also provides you with another stat that you can use to brag to your friends! 

Use Our League of Legends MMR Checker Today

Want to check your MMR? Use our League of Legends MMR Checker today. Get a baseline score, and start improving. Don't forget to check your MMR every so often, especially if you start trying something new in the game. An increase in your MMR will let you know whether you are going down the right path!

Honestly, using a League of Legends MMR checker is far, far superior to the competitive ranking system in League since MMR will also be based on your unranked games too. 

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