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What Are the Roles in League of Legends?

What Are the Roles in League of Legends?

Success in League of Legends is all about properly playing the roles assigned to each teammate. The goal is to have a balanced team of five different roles. Each role is tasked with different duties that, when done correctly, will very likely lead to a team’s victory.

LoL is a 5v5 battle to the death but is not a game of kills, as many beginners would understandably think. If LoL were like that, it wouldn’t be as fun as the enjoyable game we all know.

Your role in your team is unique, and your teammates expect you to fulfill your role’s objectives and responsibilities without them telling you to. Each champion excels at a certain role or two. There are five main roles in LoL, and each role must be covered. One role is assigned to each player by way of the champion you choose.

How your team assigns roles determines in which manner champions could dictate how the game ends. Needless to say, knowing the lol roles of your chosen champion is of utmost importance.

The Roles in League of Legends

The five main League of Legends roles are; Top laner, Bot laner, Mid laner, Jungler, and Support. This division of roles ensures that each lane is defended while jungles are exploited for advantage, and all champions get the reinforcement they need in various phases of the game.

Let’s discuss each one in detail to give you a clearer idea of the role you want to play in your League of Legends queues.

Top Laner

The top lane role is in charge of the topmost lane of the rift to the left of the mid lane. Also called ‘the island,’ the top lane is a 1v1 situation where the two tankier champions of the opposing teams battle it out for advantage in the laning phase or early game.

Your objective as a top laner is to outperform the enemy top laner by having more final strikes on lane minions or by outplaying and killing your counterpart. This way, you will be a feared nuisance to the enemy team as you frontline for team fights in later phases of the game.

The brush should not be taken for granted if you want to be a successful top laner. Fed top lane champions who are doing well are often taken down and controlled by the enemy team by ganks from the brush.

Great top lane champion examples are tanks like Malphite, Ornn, or Sion. Carry champions like Jayce, Camille, or Aatrox also make great damage-oriented top-lane champions.

Bot Laner

The ADC or the attack damage carry lives life in the bot or bottom lane. The bot lane is right of the mid lane and is at the bottom of the map screen. Here, the ADC is, more often than not, accompanied by a support champion in the form of a pure tank or utility support.

As the ADC tries to secure gold and equipment leads by killing jungle monsters, lane minions, and enemy champions, they are aided and facilitated by their support lane ally.

Remember that you have priority in gold and kills, as these will pay for the massive advantage your team will have through your high-output damage, rapid attack speed, and insane critical in the later phases of the game.

Such champions like Varus, Lucian, Vayne, Miss Fortune, and Caitlyn are the usual choices for the bot role. Though some mages also see play in the bot lane, success in this part of the rift boils down to which bot laner can outsmart and outmaneuver their enemy counterpart.

Mid Laner

The mid lane is, in many ways, the most important lane to defend as it is the shortest way to each team's nexus, therefore, the quickest way to victory. Waves of minions also arrive faster, and there is a lot of experience to be gained in the mid-lane.

A faster-paced lane means champions playing the mid-lane gain levels faster at a steady pace. Mages are most at home in this role as most of their skills are AOE (area of effect) that nuke large areas for crowd control.

Mid-lane champions also roam to the bot or top lane to gank on unsuspecting enemy champions. Obvious choices for this role include champions like Ryze, Velkoz, Annie, and Ahri. Assassins like Zedd, Talon, and Fizz also shine in the mid-lane as they excel in roaming for kills.


The jungler role is mostly unseen by the enemy team in the early phases as they farm jungle monsters and buffs that will help them secure roaming kills. They mainly farm jungle monsters, hunt for kills, and split push on unguarded enemy lanes for easy advantage.

These jungler champions want to snowball their advantages over the enemy until they become uncontrollable killing machines in the later stages of the game.

Master Yi, Sejuani, Evelyn, Khazix, Taliyah, and Fiddlesticks are champions that can fulfill the jungler role. This points to the fact that every play style can jungle for the team, may they be tanks, mages, assassins, or ADC champions.


The most unglamorous of positions in League of Legends is the support champion. Their playstyle and responsibilities are thankless, and they rack up more assists than kills. Despite this, the support champion is still considered one of the most important roles in the game.

This is also a good place to start if you are new to the game, as supports don’t need to farm and watch for gold advantages over the enemy team. All they need to do is gain their team map awareness and facilitate plays through their utility abilities that will lead to the team’s eventual win.

You normally babysit your bot laner by tanking damage or healing them for them to reach their power spike and snowball advantage in your lane and over the enemy team eventually.

Champions who shine as support include Sona, Nami, Alistar, and Braum.

What Role Should I Play in League?

Though there are only five primary roles to play, the choice of role to stick to can still be confusing. Stick with what you're good at or what you like doing, and you will do better than having no role plan at all.

Watch the pros and do lots of research. YouTube and Twitch abound with content that you can use to improve your game. Having a little help through other apps won’t hurt, either. League of Legends scripts makes the game manageable and easier to control.

Remember, though, if getting good is your goal, there is still no substitute for grinding and putting in the hours.

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