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Top 5 Best Assassins in League of Legends Season 12

The assassin represents a secondary role that takes care of things behind enemy lines. They battle in an underhanded way and are unconventional in their gameplay.

Bloodthirsty assassins are champions that are in a class of their own. If done right, you can rack up a ton of kills and be fear personified for the enemy team. Playing the assassin champion can be a more difficult task and somewhat requires a certain technicality to perfect. This season, these five assassins will give you the best chance to win your queues if you play the role right.

Best League of Legends assassins (Season 12)

We know playing assassin gives you little margin for error so take a look at our list of the most advantageous assassins you could use for this current season.


Kassadin The Void Walker is played as a mid-lane assassin that has to have the strongest late-game plans in LoL.

It takes an advanced kind of assassin player to truly manage Kassadin. He has a rather unreliable nature early to mid-game, and everything only gets easier when he reaches level 16. At level 16, Kassadin becomes the strongest of all League of Legends assassins.

The sequence by which you apply Kassadin’s skills is the key to ownage. With Kassadin, the magic number is 6. A 6th spell cast by himself or any champion in the vicinity will enable him to unleash hell in a team fight.

These six skills empower Kassadin’s E or Force Pulse skill. Cast this first and combo off with his other skills for maximum burst damage. With his Nether Blade charged up, you can finish off multiple enemy champions one by one with his ult Riftwalk with awesome area damage that can be repeatable as long as you have the mana to cast it.


The Blade Dancer Katarina has a lethal skill set that rewards the decisive LoL assassin player with resets that potentially shave off an enormous 15 seconds off of her skill cooldowns! Of course, the key to this is her passive Voracity skill, which dramatically reduces the cooldown on all her skill with every enemy champion she kills or helps kill.

All her skills combo up to be one smooth dance of death as every blade she spins at enemy champions becomes blades she can pick up and reuse for even more devastating attacks. Her Death Lotus or R ult sees her spin in a flurry of blades that locks massive magic damage to three enemy champions.


Pyke’s design has made assassin players play him in a support/assassin role. That is mainly due to his Q or Bone Skewer that hooks and pulls enemy champions he hits with said skill. His W or Ghostwater Dive dash skill also stuns enemies for easy team ganks.

He is a finisher himself, as his ult skill, Death From Below, blinks toward low HP enemies and executes them in an instant. He can reset his ult with every kill and even gives allied champions bonus gold for every assist.


The noble Master of Shadows has the malevolent power of the shadows to drive out invaders to his beloved Iona. Considered by many to be the best assassin League of Legends has to offer, Zed has everything you want in an assassin.

Zed has a powerful and notorious ultimate, Death Mark, that is hard to prepare against and that, in the hands of a decent player, can, well, leave you for dead. His passive gives bonus magic damage and is probably the reason why Zed is a champion that is hard to put a disadvantage over.

Zed’s passive and overall skill kit makes him very formidable. If you are a player that has difficulty catching up with owning enemy champions, give Zed a whirl. He is one of the champions in that game that can easily force his way back to a position poised for victory despite being level-gapped, underequipped, and disadvantaged.


Evelynn is a demon succubus that haunts the summoner’s rift with stealth and deadly damage. She is picked as a team’s assassin mostly due to her passive that grants her complete camouflage after level 6. Seeing her around the map mostly means it is too late for unsuspecting enemy champions.

Merely picking Evelynn forces the enemy team to deploy Vision Wards around strategic places on the map. Otherwise, they can just watch Evelynn decimate their ranks anytime she chooses to.

Evelynn is most useful to your team in picking off the enemies one by one and disappearing in the shadows. Her skill set, which is a combination of stealth, sustain, self-buff, de-buff, and ult execute, makes for an assassin that weakens the enemy team even before the first team fight ensues.

The Unfair Advantage

A good assassin gives your team the win even before the enemy nexus is crushed. Remember that tips from the pros on Twitch and YouTube will help you too. A little assistance from League of Legends Scripts can go a long way, too, if just to streamline those hard-to-chain combos assassins usually have.

Be the embodiment of the enemy’s dread. Make them fear the dark and own LoL as an assassin.

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