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The Best ADC Champions in League of Legends

The Best ADC Champions in League of Legends

Looking for the best ADC season 12? Here is the place to be!

In the fast-paced world of League of Legends, having a strong attack damage carry (ADC) on your team can make all the difference in securing a victory.

As a crucial part of a team's composition, ADCs consistently damage enemy champions and objectives.

With so many champions to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best ADC for your play style. 

This article will look at the top ADC champions in the current meta and explain why they are considered the best choices in the game. While League of Legends scripts can greatly improve your game, ADC is a way of doing it without getting your hands dirty. 

ADC Champion Types in League of Legends

Here are some of the best ADC League of Legends has to offer:


Caitlyn is a long-range ADC champion known for her consistent damage output and ability to control fights from a distance. She excels at picking off enemies with her long-range auto attacks and abilities, and her traps can be used to set up ganks or control objectives.

One of Caitlyn's main strengths is her range, which is the longest of any ADC in the game. This allows her to safely poke and harass enemies from a distance, making her a formidable opponent in the lane.

Caitlyn's ultimate, "Ace in the Hole," is a long-range, high-damage snipe that can be used to pick off low-health enemies or finish off a kill. 

However, it has a long cast time and can be interrupted, so it requires good timing and positioning to execute effectively. 


Next on the list is a classic ADC champion known for her strong damage output and utility. She excels at picking off enemies with her powerful long-range auto attacks and abilities, and her ultimate, "Enchanted Crystal Arrow," can initiate fights or set up ganks.

One of Ashe's main strengths is her utility, which includes a passive that slows enemies hit by her auto attacks and an ability that grants her a temporary attack speed boost. These abilities allow her to kite enemies and deal sustained damage in team fights.

Ashe also has a global ultimate, "Enchanted Crystal Arrow," which can initiate fights or set up ganks from across the map. This versatility makes her a strong choice for players who enjoy a more proactive play style and like to control the flow of the game.


If you are looking for a mobile, damage-focused ADC champion with the ability to deal burst damage and quickly reposition, Lucian is who you seek. He excels at picking off enemies and kiting them with his strong auto attack range and mobility.

One of Lucian's main strengths is his passive, which allows him to deal bonus damage and gain a movement speed boost when attacking enemy champions. This passive lets him quickly close the distance on enemies and deal damage in short bursts.

In addition to his strong auto attack damage, Lucian has several abilities that allow him to reposition himself in fights and dodge enemy attacks quickly. His ultimate, "The Culling," allows him to rapidly fire a series of shots in a cone in front of him, making him a formidable force in close-range fights.


Jinx is a ranged ADC with a kit that focuses on dealing burst damage and creating chaos on the battlefield. She has a passive that alternates between two different attack types, a rocket launcher that deals splash damage in a straight line and chompers trap that slows and damages enemies. Jinx is a good choice for players who like to create chaos and blow up enemies with quick bursts of damage. 


Now here is a fella known for his exceptional accuracy and damage output - a formidable force on the battlefield.

One of Jhin's unique abilities is his passive, Whisper, which allows him to strike critically with every fourth shot he takes. This gives him an edge in sustained damage against his enemies. Jhin also has a set of powerful abilities that allow him to deal a large amount of damage to enemies and slow them down or root them in place.

In addition to his offensive capabilities, Jhin also has a strong defensive ability called Curtain Call, which allows him to fire a shot that bounces off of enemies and terrain, hitting multiple targets in a cone. This makes him a difficult champion to engage in combat, as he can easily reposition himself or kite his enemies.


There you have it - some of the best ADC in season 11 and in season 12 champions. However, the best ADC champions in League of Legends vary depending on the player's preferred play style and the current meta. 

Some top contenders include Caitlyn, Ashe, Lucian, Jinx, and Jhin, each offering a unique set of abilities and strengths. Whether you prefer a more methodical, positioning-based play style like Caitlyn, or a more aggressive, burst-damage play style like Jinx, there is an ADC champion that is perfect for you. 

It's important to experiment with different champions and find the one that best fits your play style, as having a strong ADC on your team can make all the difference in securing victory.

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