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The 5 Best Beginner-Friendly Champions in LoL

Being new to League of Legends can be overwhelming. LoL – as it is affectionately known by its millions of players, currently has 159 champions to choose from in its roster. It would be understandable for any beginner to have a hard time choosing one champion to begin their journey in the action-packed MOBA world of League of Legends.

The best advice anyone can follow in LoL is to first stick with one champion and master everything there is to know about them. Choosing a champion to “main” is probably the most important thing you could do as a beginner.

Putting in tens of hours on just one or two champions will fast-track your familiarity with the intricacies and finer details of LoL.

Best LoL Champions Recommended for Beginners

How to choose your main LoL champion is entirely up to you. You can pick a champion based on what style you want to play. Choose from melee, ranged, magic, and tanky kinds of champions.

In this new world of LoL, you can have an advantage over other beginner players if you pick champions that are better suited for your skill level. Sure, pick a champion that appeals to you, but do pick one that has a skill set that is easier to master.  

Here, we present to you a list of the 5 League of Legends best champions for beginners:

Master Yi – Moderate Difficulty

If being all up in the faces of your enemies as you slice and dice them appeals to you, then Master Yi could be your kind of champion. Master Yi is a high-damage jungler that has a late-game carry role and can single-handedly win games for your team.

His skill set includes the Q or his Alpha Strike ability makes him un-targetable while dealing loads of damage to enemy champions or jungle monsters. His W or Meditate gives him self-healing sustainability. E and R skills in Wuju Style and Highlander skills give him insane attack self-buffs of extra attack speed and attack damage.

Caitlyn – Moderate Difficulty

If you want to kill enemies from afar, the best beginner champion LoL marksman you could main is Caitlyn.

With a passive ability that adds damage and range to her already deadly skillset, Caitlyn is a versatile ADC (attack damage carry) champion that can be effective as a side laner, jungle-carry, or mid-laner.

Her Q or Piltover Peacemaker damages multiple targets in a line. Her W or Yordle Snap Trap immobilizes enemy champions who step on them. Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net or E skill blasts a net that jumps back for damage and slows on an enemy champion. Her R or ultimate skill snipes and deals massive damage that can kill low HP enemy champions on the retreat from a huge distance away.

Miss Fortune – Low Difficulty

Known to be a marksman lane bully, Miss Fortune shines in dealing damage from range while easily dispatching waves of minions. Her R or ult ability is her best weapon in a team fight, as it blasts a barrage of bullets in a cone that deals a massive amount of damage to any enemy caught in her way.

Her Double Up or Q hits a target and an extra target behind it. Her W or Strut gives her a movement and attack speed buff. Her E or Make it Rain barrages an area with bullets that slow and damage opponents. Her passive gives her extra damage whenever her basic attacks hit a new target.

Garen – Moderate Difficulty

Garen the fighter, is one of the LoL starting champions that shine in the tank/fighter role. He is a resilient hero that can also dish respectable amounts of damage himself.

The Might of Demacia, as Garen is also called, features a skillset that defends and attacks. His Q or Decisive Strike skill de-buffs all slow effects on himself while giving him additional movement speed. The next enemy that he attacks will be hit for additional damage. His W or Courage gives him a shield and damage reduction.

His E or Judgement is all offense as he spins and swings his sword in circles dealing damage to all nearby foes. And his ult or R ability slams the ground to deal massive damage that instantly executes champions not strong enough to resist this attack.

Annie – Moderate Difficulty

Annie is who you could go for if you like winning with magic! Annie is a mage that causes terror among the enemy’s ranks with fire and summoning.

Her passive skill stuns enemies with every 4th spell she casts. Her Q skill, Disintegrate, lets her hurl a fireball that gains back mana. Her W or Incinerate skill is a cone of flame that burns anyone in its path. Annie’s E or Molten Shield gives her or any ally a shield that grants movement speed. It also damages whoever attacks the shielded target.

For her R ult, Annie wills her teddy bear Tibbers to life to damage enemies in the area. Tibbers also burns enemies that are near him.

Wreak Havoc!

That’s our best LoL champions for beginners 2022 list! Pick one or try out each of them! Have fun, and keep increasing your game IQ through constant playing and consistent role fulfillment. You’ll be on your way to server domination in no time. 

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