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How to use League of Legends Scripts and WIN games

The use of scripts and cheats in LOL is much more prevalent than you may think. A good chunk of players are using them. Honestly? Most of the time that you think that you have been beaten unfairly, you probably have been. And, you know what they say...if you can't beat them, then join them!

If you are just starting to venture into the world of scripts, then you may not know how to use them. You may not even know how to get started. Luckily, you have us. On this page, we will teach you exactly how to get started with League of Legends scripts. Don't worry, it is much easier than you may think. 

What Do LOL Scripts Do?

This will all depend on the LOL script. Before you subscribe or download any script, always check what features the script boasts. For example, if you use LOL Script, then six different features can benefit your gameplay experience. 

Remember, no script will ever give you a quick win. It isn't that type of cheating. If a script tells you you can win a game without doing anything, then steer clear. They are nothing but a scam. Good scripts will enhance your skills while playing e.g. make it easier to dodge enemy attacks, increase your last-hits, etc.

Choose The Right Script For League of Legends

Before you can even think of using your script in-game, you need to find a script that you can use. There certainly is no shortage of them out there. League of Legends is an insanely popular game with millions booting it up each day. This means that many script developers are looking for your cash. The problem? Most of them are terrible.

We recommend a script like LOL Script. As we mentioned before, this script is loaded with all sorts of awesome features that can enhance your gameplay. However, more importantly, it cannot be detected by Riot Games. This means that even though you will be out there owning the battlefield, nobody will know you are cheating. You just look like a highly skilled user. Remember, if nobody knows that cheats are being used, you can't be banned! 

Generally speaking, the scripts that charge money for their services (and have a ton of good reviews) tend to be much better. Free scripts are much more likely to be a virus and, when they are not, you are highly likely to get banned when using them. Because free scripts have no income, the developers don't care to keep them updated. They often use shoddy coding that can easily be detected by Riot.

How To Install Your LOL Scripts

Each script tends to be used in the same way, well the good ones at least. We will focus on the most common method for installing your League of Legends script but always look at the exact instructions for any scripts that you use. This will lower your chances of being caught using scripts.

For LOL Script, you will need to get yourself a code. This is paid for and helps to fund the development of the League of Legends script. Once you have paid for using the system for a set amount of time, download the executable and run it. You must not have League of Legends or Discord running when you do.

This will load up a screen where you can input your time key. This will activate the script. After that, boot up League of Legends and you are good to go.

These are not complete instructions, though. To ensure that scripts continue to work, scripts will often have extra steps that you need to follow. As we said, you will need to pay attention to them. For example, the current version of LOL Script requires you to do the following: 

  • Uninstall or disable any malware or anti-virus.
  • Run League of Legends in DrX9 mode
  • Install AIO Runtime

All reputable League of Legends scripts will guide you through, step by step, exactly what you need to do to get the script running smoothly. 

Ensuring You Don't Get Banned When You Cheat

For starters, you need to download a good quality League of Legends script. Yes, paid scripts can be a bit off-putting, but they are paid for a reason. They have a lot of development time poured into ensuring that they are undetectable.

You should also follow all script installation instructions. Some of them can be convoluted, but those instructions exist for a reason. Following instructions means that the script will work and your risk of being banned is minimal.

Only ever run the latest version of a script. A company that keeps its scripts up to date is a sign of a good company. It means that they are trying to stay one step ahead of the banhammer over at Riot. 

If you plan to cheat in League of Legends using a script, then you are encouraged to only use a smurf account i.e. an account that you are not too fussed about getting banned on. Even if you use the best cheat software in the world, there is a risk here and we are sure that you don't want to lose an account loaded with cool cosmetics. 

Get Started With League of Legends Scripts Today

See. When it comes to how to get started with League of Legends scripts, it isn't too tricky:

  • Choose a quality script (based on what you want to do, the reputation of the script, etc.) 
  • Follow the instructions to install it
  • Play the game

It's that simple. Head on over to LOL Script today and, in as little as fifteen minutes, you can be playing at the top of your game. You will quickly be climbing up those rankings and you have no chance of being banned from the game. How cool is that? Don't use any other script. They don't do a job even half as good as this one.

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