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How To Improve Your League of Legends Gameplay

League of Legends is a fun game but, like most games, it is only fun when you are winning. This is a game that requires quick reflexes, an aptitude for tactics, and extensive teamwork. While millions of people play LOL, only a few of them are any good. These people are good because they have spent a whopping amount of time working on developing their LOL skills.

If you are looking to take your League of Legends skills to the next level, then we hope that these tips on how to improve your League of Legends gameplay will help you out. 

Use The Practice Mode and Stick to One Champion

Every day, you should be spending a good chunk of your time in practice mode. This will allow you to learn how your skills and abilities work in a low-pressure environment. 

When you are learning League of Legends, you should only be using one or two different champions. Every champion plays differently. You can't learn all of them (there are over 150 champions). Focus on just a few, master them, and you will have the edge over most opponents. 

There are plenty of guides to using certain characters. Read them. Learn about builds. Learn when the best time to launch abilities and attacks, etc. The more you know about a specific champion, the better you will be. 

Focus on a Single Mechanic 

There are a lot of mechanics that you need to learn when playing League of Legends. It is an insanely complicated game. You mustn't overwhelm yourself, though.

When you are practicing, only ever focus on a single mechanic. When you have nailed that mechanic, move on to something different. For example, spend a chunk of your time dealing with the last-hit kills, then work on positioning, and then perhaps work out the best equipment to buy during the game. 

If you try and learn everything at once, you will never be dedicating enough time to get good at one aspect of your gameplay. You will be a mediocre player. 

Learn To Communicate 

League of Legends is a team game. Yes. We know that there are going to be some people that are awful to play with. You are going to be dealing with a ton of abuse in the game. There probably will be times when you just want to shut off all communication, but don't. A good chunk of players out there want to get good. Talk to them. When everybody is on the same page, the wins will quickly stack up.

If you don't fancy typing, then at least learn how to use the ping system. It is the most useful system in the game and will make it easier for your teammates to know what is happening in areas they can't see. Map knowledge is everything in League of Legends. 

Make friends in the game and not only will you have more fun, but you will get a lot better. We are sure there are plenty of Discord servers out there that can help to match up with like-minded players. 

Read About League of Legends

Always keep up to date with the meta. There are plenty of sites dedicated to current strategies, meta builds, etc. These things change with pretty much every patch and a strategy that worked well a few weeks ago may not necessarily work that well now. 

Now, we do want to point out that you probably shouldn't always chase the meta. For example, if you are familiar with melee characters and the meta seems to support ranged characters, you shouldn't make that switch. You are always going to be the better player when you use a champion that you are familiar with. Only follow the meta if the change impacts your most-used champions. 

Watch Your Replays 

You aren't going to win every game. You know that. Don't ignore the games that you lose, though.

Always watch your replays. When you watch your replays, you can get a feel for when you could have done a better job. Learn from your mistakes. Don't dwell on them. You should always see a mistake as a learning lesson, one that will help you to become a far better and more consistent player.

In fact, watch your wins too. There are always changes that you can make to your gameplay. For example, subtle changes to your build or skill timing. 

Work On Your Last-Hits

We know we mentioned the last hits earlier, but it deserves a section of its own.

Your last hits are vital. Outside a couple of exceptions, the main way to make gold in the game is to get the killing blow on a minion, neutral enemy, or an enemy champion. It stands to reason that you want to rack up those last hits as quickly as possible. The more gold you have, the better your equipment and skills will be.

There are plenty of guides to last-hitting out there. Read them. Learn when to strike the killing blow. Learn which champions will be the best ones for you to use if you want to farm last hits.

Use Wards

A lot of low-ranked players don't touch wards. This is crazy to us. Wards are one of the best mechanics in the game, and if you want to learn how to improve your League of Legends gameplay then you need to be using them extensively.

There are a variety of wards in the game. We won't detail them here. What you need to know now is that wards lift the fog of war. A couple of carefully placed wards will allow you to see parts of the map that you are nowhere near.

League of Legends is a game that relies heavily on knowing exactly what is happening on every inch of that map. It will stop ganking. It can allow you to get an insight into the strategies that your opponents are using. It can even allow your team to react quickly to an unexpected change in the game. Remember, communication is important!

Learn when to drop wards, and you will be inching above gold ranks in no time at all. 

Focus On Yourself, Not On Others

You are going to be matched with terrible players. You can't avoid that. The biggest mistake that you can make is to criticize them. Don't get angry as it serves no purpose. 

We know that you may feel that you are giving people good advice, but you aren't. A lot of people know that they are making mistakes (particularly in the higher ranks), and they don't need you to tell them. It is upsetting.

If you focus on others, you will be spending less time focusing on yourself. The worst players are those that are constantly at odds with their teammates. The sooner that you learn that you can't control other players in the game, the better things will be for you.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't know what your teammates are doing. You need to know where they are on the map and work within the decided tactics. Just don't spend your entire time doing this. Good communication in a team will help here. 

Prioritize Your Objectives 

You can only win a League of Legends game by taking down your opponent's Nexus. You aren't going to win by farming opponent kills. Farming will help to gain gold, but you really shouldn't be going out of your way to kill opponents.

Your priority is always to go for the objectives. If an enemy gets in your way, then dispatch them. 

The objective will change depending on the stage of the game that you are in, but as you learn more about League of Legends we are sure it won't take too long to know what you have to do at every moment.

It has always baffled us how many people bleat about their kill count when they haven't even bothered to deal with the objectives. Hint: if you have a high kill count, you probably aren't playing LOL properly. 

Final Thoughts

We know that these are just a few basic tips on how to improve your League of Legends gameplay, but sometimes it is nailing the basics that will help you to improve as a player. 

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