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Best League of Legends Settings in 2022

You can’t just go on playing League of Legends without employing the optimum League of Legends settings for competitive play. Sure, you can, but you won’t be able to be the great player you were meant to be.

We know you can’t live with that! We know you love playing League of Legends and anyone who does everything to get an edge over the opposition. Now, take notes and listen up as we discuss the best settings for League of Legends to aid you in your quest to climb the ranks.

These settings are for all computers regardless of capability. Whether you run a performance rig or a basic PC that barely runs LoL, these settings are the golden standard for League domination.

Best Video Settings for League of Legends in 2022

These are the most important settings to tweak for maximum PC performance. Follow these settings regardless of graphics hardware capability, as these settings will optimise FPS (frames per second).

Set Overall Video Quality to MEDIUM or LOW

As they say, "frames win games. "Leave only visual elements that are truly essential for high FPS gameplay. Turn off shadows, turn off V-sync, and downsize video details that bog down PC and network performance. 

Doing all these will bump up frame rates and will give you a faster, smoother gaming experience that will deliver you the best frame transfer. 

Low Spec Mode: ON

Even League of Legends pro settings have their low-spec mode turned on, so why shouldn't you? Turn on low specs at the client, and you will be rewarded with a boost in frame rate and network stability.

Resolution set to 1080 or 720

Playing in high resolution does nothing for your PC’s performance and instead uses up more network and hardware resources. If your system has some performance to give, then you can go ahead and play the game at 1080. But if your system struggles to run LoL, then be satisfied with 720. 

Best Sound Settings for League of Legends in 2022

Sound settings do not affect PC and network performance, but there are still some things to tweak to increase the clarity of audio cues in LoL.

Turn off Music

The LoL background music will just distract you from important game sound cues. Ditch the music and reap the rewards of being sonically aware of the rift at all times. 

Lower the Ambience Volume

A Team fight may be overwhelming at times. As long as you hear all audio cues, pings, and announcements correctly, you can lower the ambience volume to your liking. 

Tweak Ping and Announcer volumes according to your preferences

This audio setting boils down to personal preference, and as long as you hear them just fine, you are all right.

Best Keyboard Hotkey Settings for LoL in 2022

Hotkeys – The default hotkey settings can be tweaked slightly for more customised keyboard input. The default Q, W, E, R, D, and F that executes your champion’s skills, ult, and summoner spells can be changed to your liking but remember to make your new hotkeys reachable and comfortable for you. 

Binding – Quick cast, self-cast, and quick cast all take some time to get used to in the beginning, and you might want some help from an app like League of Legends Scripts to help you practice combos and other shortcuts.


Items – Use keys 1, 2, and 3 to use active items. You will normally have mostly two items in a game so allotting 1, 2, and 3 is enough for items. 

Trinkets – Use the four key for activating trinkets as it is closer to your pointer finger.

Best Mouse Settings for LoL in 2022

Since LoL is a MOBA game and faster mouse settings can help you move around the map better,

DPI – A good League of Legends dpi should be in a higher setting. We recommend playing with at least 1200 dpi for a faster, more responsive mouse movement in LoL.  

In-game Mouse Speed – Set your mouse speed between 25-30 if your dpi settings are 1200 and higher. 

Mouse Camera Move Speed – Set the mouse camera move speed to between 20-25.

Turn off Auto Attack – This eliminates the chance of your champion auto-attacking the wrong target and helps you hit enemies that you need to attack. 

Best Resolution for LoL in 2022

LoL is a rather old title and is not graphics hardware dependent like most newer games. 1920x1080 is the golden resolution that is acceptable for all players.

Get Your Settings Right

Getting your settings down is as important as honing your skills to climb the ranks. These comprehensive settings are not a tall order for any system that can run LoL. Tweak yours now to what should be the settings that will set you to winning more in LoL.

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