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5 League of Legends Tips for Beginners

You’ve played the game, and now there is no denying that LoL has got you hooked! It must be the most fun you’ve had with an online MOBA, but there’s just one problem. It can be too damn hard!

Being a beginner in a thoroughly enjoyable game like LoL can be rough! It makes you wish you were even just a little better and had a little more game IQ. Well, have no fear! These five League of Legends tips are all that you need to get good and graduate from being a noob.

LoL Tips for Beginners

1. Observe How Experienced Players Play

Yes, we know that you might think that watching other players play LoL is not as fun as playing LoL yourself. But remember, you are on a quest to get better, too. And to do that, the easiest and most effective way is to watch how to play League of Legends like the pros.

There are a lot of ways to watch experienced players these days. You can watch them on YouTube. This should be the easiest way to find content regarding any aspect of the game you might want to improve on. Champion guides and champion build videos are plenty on YouTube. The best thing about them is that LoL YouTubers regularly post videos of this sort.

Twitch is also a platform to watch professional LoL players. Most pros have a Twitch channel where you can watch them live streaming games. This may seem tedious in the beginning, but trust us that watching others (especially pros) is the next best thing to playing LoL yourself.


There are also events such as the World Championships, different LoL regional championship tournaments, and other pro LoL leagues to follow and get excited about. Now that you have approached LoL in your life, it is time to fully live it by following the pro scene. It sounds more entertaining than it sounds, we promise you. 

2. Focus on Objectives

This has to be one of the most important LoL tips for beginners. Winning in LoL is not about how many enemy champions you kill. The winners in LoL are the team that fulfil the most objectives.

The high of a Triple kill or a Penta kill is quite addictive. But playing the game just to catch that high will not be beneficial to your objective of getting better at LoL. Destroying enemy towers, defending when needed, and responsible jungling should be your top objectives.

Completing objectives makes any game winnable. Every tower you destroy, every piece of equipment you complete, every jungle monster, Rift Herald and Baron Nashor you kill will ultimately inch you closer to the ultimate objective of winning. 

3. Concentrate on One Role

Playing your chosen champion and responsibly fulfilling the role you need to play is the only way to play LoL successfully. Not doing this is tantamount to giving away any chance of winning your game. Playing your role makes it easier for everyone on your team to win. If you play a jungler, then jungle vigorously and focus on buffs, equipment, and ganking on unwary enemy champions. If you are responsible for a lane, do not take jungling priority from your carries and focus on defending your tower and destroying the enemy's tower.

If you choose to tank, then do so dutifully and set team fights that will benefit your damage dealers. If you play marksman, position correctly during team fights and get in as much damage as you can.

Do not be distracted and purely focus on your role on the battlefield. Also, play countless hours of the same role. Learn a lot and make your role objectives become second nature.


4. Find Several Favorite Champions and Play with Them

We suggest you develop decent mastery with several heroes for those instances when people in your queue only know one or a few roles and champions to play. This way, you can adjust and have all your bases covered by having a champion in each role to play. 

5. Optimize your Gameplay

To have smoother game sessions and minimise lag, set your game settings according to your computer’s performance. Disable shadows and uncheck HUD animations. Also, having a little help in your games can go a long way in LoL. A thing like League of Legends scripts that makes things simpler on the battlefield will get you a ton of wins.


Get Good, and Rule!

This League of Legends guide is the only guide you will ever need as an LoL noob! Master these tips, and you’ll be dominating your ranked ques left and right.

You can reach the rank you've only imagined getting by taking tips and emulating plays from the pros. Playing objectives and playing your role will never get old, too.

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