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2023 League of Legends Tier List: The Hottest Picks for Competitive Play


As the world of League of Legends evolves with each passing year, new champions rise to prominence while others fall out of favor. In this article, we'll delve into the highly anticipated 2023 League of Legends Tier List, providing an overview of the strongest champions across various roles and shedding light on the meta-game for competitive play.

1. Top Lane:

In the top lane, juggernauts continue to dominate the meta. Champions like Darius, Garen, and Sett remain formidable choices, boasting high sustain, crowd control, and tower diving potential. However, we've also seen a rise in popularity for bruisers like Camille and Irelia, who bring excellent dueling and split-pushing capabilities.

2. Jungle:

The jungle has seen some exciting changes in the 2023 Tier List. Traditional powerhouses like Lee Sin and Elise continue to be reliable picks, offering strong early game presence and gank potential. However, champions like Hecarim and Udyr have gained traction due to their versatile playstyles and ability to quickly clear camps. Furthermore, Kayn has emerged as a potent pick, thanks to his ability to transform into either a Shadow Assassin or a Darkin form, adapting to different team compositions.

3. Mid Lane:

The mid lane is a dynamic battleground where mages and assassins clash. Burst mages such as Syndra, Zoe, and Orianna remain popular due to their ability to control team fights and burst down key targets. Assassins like Akali, Zed, and Yasuo are also prevalent picks, offering high mobility and the potential to swiftly eliminate squishy opponents. However, control mages like Azir and Viktor have also seen a resurgence, providing excellent wave clear and zoning potential.

4. ADC (Attack Damage Carry):

In the bot lane, ADCs fulfill the crucial role of dealing consistent damage throughout the game. Traditional picks like Jhin, Ezreal, and Kai'Sa continue to dominate the Tier List due to their versatility and ability to scale into the late game. However, we've also witnessed the rise of unconventional ADCs such as Seraphine and Samira, who bring unique kits and utility to team fights.

5. Support:

Support champions play a vital role in protecting and enabling their team. Engage supports like Leona, Alistar, and Nautilus are highly valued for their crowd control and initiation potential. Enchanters like Lulu, Janna, and Yuumi continue to be popular, providing invaluable utility and shield/heal options. Additionally, mages like Zyra and Seraphine have gained prominence for their ability to provide both damage and crowd control in the bot lane.


The 2023 League of Legends Tier List reflects the ever-evolving meta-game, showcasing the champions that have proven themselves as dominant forces in competitive play. It's important to note that the Tier List is not static and can change based on patches, balance adjustments, and the introduction of new champions. As the game continues to grow, players must adapt and master the champions that best suit their playstyle and team compositions. So, whether you're a top laner who thrives on bruisers, a mid laner with a penchant for assassins, or a support player dedicated to protecting your ADC, the Tier List provides valuable insights into the current state of League of Legends and can serve as a guide on your journey to success.

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