iPhone X super sucks for many reasons: -This is the worst iphone launch day ever! Almost no queuing at all! The price in grey market is already a losing deal for the seller! It used to be the easiest money on earth if you can get one and sell it! […]

Today is iPhone X launch day and you should not ...

This is very surprising! Elobuddy suddenly announced they had lost the lawsuit to Riot and it is gone on 31 Aug 2017! I have updated my scripting platforms post to review the latest scripting platforms choices after Elobuddy is down: Scripting platforms Here is the final words at the site: […]

Elobuddy is gone! The golden age of LOL scripting has ...

OP5 is just a fuck up phone! Let’s sum up the selling points of this fuck up OverPrice5: -Discontinue OP5 after 4 months! Not even 6 months like last year! Do they care about any OnePlus5 owner? No. OP5 is so fuck up that even they feel no hope and […]

The best and honest OnePlus 5 OP5 review

This is very famous lol youtuber Imaqtpie: Seriously look like he doesn’t even need to practice, already can play like 90% of a script, I have no idea how human can train himself like that and doing this for that many champs: Here is another one from him:

LCS player pretends to be scripting

This looks very funny! This global exploit is different from last one, Xerath doesn’t stand at the base and he keeps hitting every enemies. This is so crazy LOL XD!

115/0/1 IN 10 MINUTES

Here are some great videos from these channels: 22 Kills not too bad right? LOL Nothing you can do when a scripter snowball like this Anyway these are the 2 youtube channels links: https://www.youtube.com/user/HeartGames/videos?sort=p&view=0&flow=grid https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV7ctm3LU4k-S7aSPJLjIxA/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0 Watch their videos then you can feel how much fun and dominate scripting is while […]

Scripting Youtubers/Youtube channels

This is a scripting blog and of course I use mainly use gaming to measure how good the cpu is. With much cheaper price, 7700K is like the king of gaming while 1800X cannot even come close to gaming performance even with maximum overclocking. For a lot of other stuff […]

AMD Ryzen sucks? I agree for current price!

If you use aimbot in CSGO, basically you are god and you can 1 vs 100 and win almost every single match without even think at all. But this doesn’t apply to LOL and it is the fun part of it! In LOL because it is a 5 vs 5 […]

You may not even win 50% of your games even ...

Scripting is Viktor is pretty dominate, definitely in top 10. Here is an example: His Q with scripting is very annoying. Personally I hate facing a scripting Viktor mainly because his Q could be so powerful and that long range. I suck at manually use his Q lol but who […]

Viktor scripting is fun

One of the top most popular 3 platforms is going to be shut down on Feb 2017! People have less choices after that and crazy many people have joined the other platforms right after the news comes out. This changes the whole situation a lot, it used to be big […]

LS is going to be closed/shut down on Feb 2017!!!

You can see from the video that this pretty famous LCS pro got 100% beaten by the scripter. He lost basically all 1 on 1 flight, and basically he died whenever the scripter is in the attack range. Even LCS pro didn’t have a chance to evade most of the […]

Even LCS Pro lost against a scripter in 1 on ...

Have a look and it is really funny: I strongly suggest guys don’t try any of this since basically it is auto banned after you use it for hours or days because it always easily detected if you do something that no one suppose to do it. But look at […]

This is how a LOL hack/exploit look like

Xerath is pretty hard with manual play since all Q, W, E, R are skillshoot which mean you cannot just click on an enemy to cast it but you need to manually predict the enemy movement and shot a direction or a small location. But with scripting it is a […]

Classical script champ: Xerath

I will use Elobuddy as an example since most of us don’t want to pay and this would be the best choice. Google it and go to the official website It clearly shows where you can download it, you just click it to download the install file You open the […]

Quick guide for beginning to script

Hi everyone I am the creator of this Lolscript.com blog, finally I make this blog comes true! I have been using scripting to play Lol for over 2 years and I am pretty addicted to scripting. I like it a lot and really want to share with people who heard […]

Lolscript.com is launched!