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League of Legends Scripts.

If you're looking for a League of Legends Script, LolScript is right for you! Completely un-detectable and we guarantee it! Buy your Lol Script License and start Scripting in League of Legends today!

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Lol Script Plans

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LolScript is the Best League of Legends Scripting Software in the game! We’re 100% undetectable using our custom built Mirror Scripting Software. Press Space Bar to WIN! Select your Package Below:

1 Day Script

1 Day Lol Script

30 Day LoL Script

30 Day Lol Script

3 Month Script

3 Month Lol Script

Lifetime Script


Exclusive features

Features You'll Get If You Buy League of Legends Scripts

With LolScript you don’t get caught. We’re 100% undetectable meaning your account is safe! We guarantee it! Review and read some features you’ll get immediately after purchase! Enjoy Scripting in League of Legends.


Helps you dodge all spells of opponents directed at you. No clicks required!


Predicting the trajectory of enemy characters, it is easier to hit them with skills. Really easy to follow their movements.


Predicting the trajectory of enemy characters, it is easier to hit them with skills. Really easy to follow their movements.

Target Selector

Ability to configure in detail the priority of selecting targets for the script, in which your attacks and skills will be directed.


Uses skills to carry out combinations of attacks for you. The program prescribes the logic of the game of all champions, so it is quite easy to set up. AutoHeal, AutoSmite etc.

Drawing 4K

Visual functions, drawing on the screen of noticed wards, attack radius of various units, movement of opponents on the minimap and many other little things.

Quality Comparision

Safer, faster at the best quality

Compare our League Scripts to other known scripts on the market. View some things on why we are better. With LolSmurf, you’re fully a Premium User.

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Other Scripts

Free or Warez Applications

Detected by Riot Games (ban after 3 weeks)
Only 1 feature (OrbWalker)
Works on few champions
Payment only with crypto
Slow FPS when using
Limited resolutions([email protected] only)
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Licensed, Safe & Secure

Undetected (only players can report you)
6 features included (Evade, OrbWalker...)
Works perfectly with ALL champions
Payment with Paypal, Credit Card..
0 performance loss with all drawings in 4K
All resolutions-friendly (144hz, 240hz, ...)
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, view some answers below. Please note if you still have questions you can use our 24/7 LIVE Chat for direct customer support. Also, we have an extremely active Discord!

Rise in Summoner Rift

Get iron to Challanger Easily.

Are you ready to get the League of Legends Rank you’ve been wanting all along? Select your License or if you want to test our product please click the Free Trial Below.

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