What is scripting?

Scripting is using a program to assist you while you play Lol, and don’t surprise your Lol ranking will be instantly jump from like Bronze to Platinum or Gold. The scripting program will help you abut these:

  • Automatic the mechanical attack part of the champ, basically all the Q, W, E, R keys attack. It will give you automatic non human accuracy, response time, and casing speed, and of course cast at the best moment whenever possible.
  • The script helps you to evade attacks from enemies. You will be able to automatically evade Jinx ult rocket, every Xearth shots, and all Nidalee spears….and even Blitz pull from the fog!
  • It helps you to records where and when did the enemies appear on map and show to you in minimap, also record all known enemies’ wards location
  • It will alarm you when an enemy gaining less experience and it means there is another enemy hiding somewhere near him, very likely a jungle is hiding somewhere near that enemy champ.
  • It will show you all mouse click location of enemies so you know someone just clicked around you and coming to you before you even see him on map.
  • It will automatically active offensive/defensive weapons at the best timing, and use pots/other utilities/summoner spells when you need.
  • It can totally control your champ to 100% play the game 24 hours a day to farm IP/EXP but it is only smart enough for coop vs AI or ARAM games.
  • It let you have “baseult” which means you can use champs like Jinx, Ezreal to case ult miles away from enemy base and hit them at the moment they finish recall and appear at base, they will just die at their base!
  • It shows you the range of your abilities as you can see the circles in the picture below:

lolscript.com pic 3

Scripting can do much more than what I list above while I have just listed out the main functions of scripting.  Here is a wonderful youtube of scripting with Fiora to let you feel the power of it!