Scripting platforms

The most popular platform LeagueSharp and Elobuddy had been hunted down by Riot and gone in 2017. Here are the only 4 platforms left and honestly none of these are anything as popular as LeagueSharp and Elobuddy used to be (LeagueSharp and Elobuddy were in the top 50,000 in Alexa wordwide interent traffic ranking at their peak time):

My score for LeagueSharp and Elobuddy at their peak time: 90 and 83






1. Bot of Legends

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment: Around 150,000

Bot of Legends was the fist and once most popular platform. However the quality had been getting much worse in recent years. A lot of people preferred LeagueSharp and Elobuddy but now these two are banned and look like a lot of people are going back to Bol. Because its system allows script developer directly charges money, theoretically Bol provides the best scripting experience but only if you can pay a lot of money and don’t mind the script developer just goes away. You can either choose to pay subscription and buy scripts or trail mode. The trail mode is very limited so you don’t even need to try it. For the subscription, you need to $10 per month and buy scripts. The scripts are pretty expensive and the creators of the scripts directly decide and charge a price. If you want perfect and buy the best scripts, you need to expect to pay like $2000-$3000 and a lot of those scripts would be outdated after like a year or months, so you need to pay like extra $1000 per year after your initial buy process.

My score for Bot of Legends: 75








2. GamingOnSteroids

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment: Around 160,000

There is a forth choice which is Gos. It started around the same time period as EB but its technical structure is not that well and lack of developers support, so eventually it becomes more like a dead project with much worse web traffic than the 3 above. However, because LS will be gone soon, some people just try Gos but report it is still full of all kinds of problems. Recently GamingOnSteroids had made the “external platoform” that is first of its kind which basically hacking through clicking simulation instead of inject into the game. For the first few months people report the external platform is very safe but full of serious bug and nothing smooth as internal injection kind, but later people report it gets detected too.

It is the only platform left to offer free usage now, but there isn’t any auto bot script so even it is free you would need to buy an account to play with it and don’t expect the account can survive more than a month.

The forum is pretty quiet comparing to what it used to be in LeagueSharp and Elobuddy, but still more active than the two below. Not that many scripts are active.

My score for GamingOnSteroids: 70


3. Aimtec

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment:  Around 200,000

Aimtec has very high ban wave and it is really new. Somehow there are some active supporters and these people would go to other forums to promote this.

My score for Aimtec: 40


4. League++

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment:  Around 200,000

This project is dead and no more core developer at all, many people got banned because of this and very angry about this project is dead.

My score for League++: 10


As you can see none of these 4 are popular choices and look like growing at all. It is interesting to see what will Riot do with these 4. I honestly don’t think any of these 4 find a safety way to inject now, and you should expect your account would be banned within 1-4 weeks after first injection with any of these 4 platforms.\

20 Oct 2018 update: All are detected or shut down.