About Lolscript.com

Lolscript.com is a blog focus on scripting in League of legends. Around 2 years I found out there was a very famous exploit in LOL, and that helped me to explore the scripting world. I want to use this blog to let people understand scripting and how to use scripting program, so everyone can enjoy the fun of scripting.

Scripting is very fun and I never play manually after I explore the scripting. I even customize some scripts to make the scripts work the way I want. Manually I was a low silver high bronze player, but with scripting I get to middle gold immediately, and slowly get to middle Platinum after I understand more about the game and scripting. The average of scripting users is around low platinum to high gold so basically anyone with scripting can achieve platinum. I was bronze and get to platinum, and you can do it too without practicing at all!

Just like this scripting example (the red circles clearly shows that the user is scripting) , dominate the game with 39 kills with 2 deaths will be pretty normal for you after you get used to scripting!

lolscript.com pic 2