Can you still script now? 99.99% you cannot! 6

The final platform that still survives with “external” scripting has been recently detected. It was the only publicly available and undetected for around one year something, look like Riot finally found a way to detect it. I would say Riot uses some kind of AI to detect its pattern. That external script uses real clicking instead of injection in game. It would be super labor and time consuming for the platform to totally change its external pattern to be undetectable if Riot really uses AI stuff.

The old injection way has been detected for over a year. Using injection for scripting is instantly detected.

So why it is 99.99% instead of 100% now? If you are a world class programmer and writes some kind of private “external” scripting and almost no one uses it except you and few others, may be it would be undetectable. It would not make much sense for someone spends crazy many days and hours to do that just for playing the game. If he sells it and Riot finds it out, then Riot can easily find a way to try it, analysis it, and make it detected again. So logically scripting would not even exist anymore in LOL world.

Yeah someone can still buy an account, script and instantly get detected, but Riot would not ban him right away so harder for the scripting platform to find out how it was detected, the player would have like few days to scripting before finally got banned. This is very time and money consuming and doesn’t make much sense.

LOL was released in 2009, it took Riot around 10 years to totally eliminate scripting.

So is there any public scripting platform not detected now and in future? Sadly No. Riot is just too good for detection now. Good job Riot.

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6 thoughts on “Can you still script now? 99.99% you cannot!

  • w9

    Honestly scripters will always find away around it. Private communities exist of private script programs, I know of two out there right now. The best SBTW program (space bar to win) costs 400$ for lifetime access to the program, and it is highly limited. The other is 15$ or so for access, but it is little more than an orbwalker – yet still has limited access.

    Plus you are assuming the folks scripting are doing so on either bought or main accounts… cracking level 30 accounts is so easy with many tools out there for bruteforce attacks, so unlimited scripting accounts are available. Programs like Toir+ and GOS External are detected, but if you arent playing on a personal account what do they care? Hackers will always find a new way around it.

    • Angel Ribby

      Could I find some way to contact you to find out about which programs these are? I’m kind of interested and would like to pay for scripts just can’t find which ones. Please get in touch with me.