Can you do AutoBot/Smurf Botting/Bot in LOL now? 99% you cannot!

The only famous one was FulcrumBot and it has been detected for months and no update for months. People bought many licenses to run in many virtual machines and tried to make money out of it, look like it was a bad investment. Riot should be able to easily find a way to detect it even without using AI. Very likely Riot even starts to use AI to detect and for botting platform like this and keep being undetected is definitely impossible for now.

So why 99%? Because someone can still write their own kind. This is definitely much easier than writing a scripting platform. They just cannot make it public then much harder for Riot to detect it.

Even someone can write their own script for botting, it is almost impossible to make profit out of it. Riot is very good at detecting if the game is running in virtual machine and that is instant ban. FulcrumBot couldn’t find a way to break it. So even someone can write their own script for botting, very likely can only run one bot in one real computer and there is no way to make profit out of it with that much electronic and hardware cost for botting one account in few days.

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