Elobuddy is gone! The golden age of LOL scripting has passed! 2

This is very surprising! Elobuddy suddenly announced they had lost the lawsuit to Riot and it is gone on 31 Aug 2017!

I have updated my scripting platforms post to review the latest scripting platforms choices after Elobuddy is down:

Scripting platforms

Here is the final words at the site:

EloBuddy is shutting downWe are very sorry that we can no longer offer our products and we understand that you may be concerned about this result.

After more than 2 years of operation and many talks later with Riot Games to both pursue our right to operate and our customer’s right to play League of Legends as they chose, we did not prevail in the suit and have been ordered to cease our operations.

A special shoutout goes to the following persons:

  • Hellsing, for creating EloBuddy with me, believing in it, and made it to what it is now
  • Adam, for inventing the name, and teaching me almost everything about Reverse Engineering
  • Stefsot/Helios, for being a part of EloBuddy since day one who spent countless hours and many sleepless nights on this project for almost no personal gain
  • Tony, for being the super admin I was always looking for, you are an insane worker, and I hope you learned many new things
  • JokerArt, for being my right hand on almost every project, no more words required
  • iCreative, although you left very harsh and unfriendly, I still want to thank you for all the legal trouble you took on you, and for all the bug reporting on new patches. You kept me motivated, when I wasn’t.
  • DnK, I never understand why you developed for EB, and I am sorry I left you hanging. You were one of the most skilled developers of EB, and it was always a pleasure for me to chat with you.
  • DnK/Sebby/Gero, for all the testing, bug reporting on the core and so on. Sebby, I wish your family all the best, and I hope we stay in contact. Thanks for the Teemo Painting.
  • Yuuki, most posts (?), with EB since the beginning. You just deserve to be here, although I think you never took this project serious.

P.S.: I will be active on other projects that do not involve Riot Games.

You will be able to use EloBuddy until patch 7.17 ends. After that point, EloBuddy is no longer updated. The Discord server and GitHub will remain up.

Best wishes,

Elobuddy was the only popular platform left and they had lost the fight with Riot! This is only around half year after Riot took down LeagueSharp!

Here was the history:

First Bot of Legends was the first one and very popular, but then the quality goes down hill and it isn’t popular anymore.

LeagueSharp was the major second one in the market and it was very popular until Riot took it down.

Elobuddy became the most popular after LeagueSharp only provided 2 free games per day for free users.

After Elobuddy was gone now, all platforms left are not popular at all comparing to these 3 at their golden age.

It is interesting to see if Riot would keep hunting down the rest even they are not popular at all.

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