The hardware requirement/recommendation for scripting. Can AMD new CPU series Ryzen help your scripting experience at all?

AMD Ryzen provides around double of core number comparing to Intel for similar price, so can AMD Ryzen 1700/1700X/1800X help your scripting experience!? No as long as your CPU is not too outdated. I have read the official hardware suggestion of LOL and you don’t really need anything more than 2 cores, but the scripting engine would definitely eat up some resources. My experience is that if your FPS is around 150 without scripting, then the scripting engine would eat up around 50 fps and make it 100 which is smooth enough.


I am using I3 6100 which is a 2 cores + 2 threads CPU, the fps is higher than 100 most of the time and around 120 with scripting engine on and LOL highest graphic setting. The new G4560 is a great cheap CPU with performance around the same as 6100, definitely the best if you need to save some money and still need to have fun with scripting.

So even this article becomes outdated later, if you need to buy a new cpu and script, you just need to make sure it is at least as powerful as 6100 with 2 cores or more, but more than 2 cores would not really help.

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