Quick guide for beginning to script 3

I will use Elobuddy as an example since most of us don’t want to pay and this would be the best choice.

  1. Google it and go to the official website
  2. It clearly shows where you can download it, you just click it to download the install file
  3. You open the downloaded install file, just follow the simple steps to install it. If you don’t feel it is safe just use your antivirus to scan it, well it is safe.
  4. After installation, open it.
  5. Go to Elobuddy website and click the “Addon Database” (People in Elobuddy call script as “addon”) , find the champ you want to use and click it. You will see most of the champs have around 2 to 5 addon.  Choose the addon with the most votes, normally that is the best one.
  6. Choose to click on the forum of that champ addon. On the first post of every addon post would have a link for you to access/install the addon.  If the install option is available, you just click on it then ELobuddy launcher will ask you if you want to install this, you just click yes then it will install it. If install is not an option, copy the GitHub link then click “install addon” in Elobuddy, and then paste the link in “remote addon” and continue to install it just like this picture: lolscript.com pic 6
  7. You would also need an evade addon. EvadeIC is a good choice for now and you find that post in Utility of elobuddy.
  8. Make sure you click the addon that you want to load for coming game
  9. With Elobuddy is on, turn on Lol and run a game. Elobuddy wording at the top  is the signal to show if it is loaded or not.
  10. If you see some circles surrounding your champ after the game is loaded like this picture, then congrats! You have just injected the script program into the game!lolscript.com pic 5
  11. In game, you press and hold “shift key” to see the scripting menu, hold “spacebar key” for combo (the script automatically using Q, W, E, R), hold “v key” to farm, hold “c” key would let usedr last hit killing minions while the champ will automatically attack enemy with abilities once they are within range.

It is actually very straightforward so just leave me a message in this post if you need to ask any question.

Once you start and understand the basic of the scripting program, Jinx like this one will be pretty normal for you:

By the way Jinx is great for scripting with great range and great auto attack.

lolscript.com pic 5

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