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Hi everyone I am the creator of this blog, finally I make this blog comes true! I have been using scripting to play Lol for over 2 years and I am pretty addicted to scripting. I like it a lot and really want to share with people who heard about scripting but don’t know where to start or how to use it. I cannot find any blog or article like what I am doing so should be the only one of this kind of blog. If you are searching for Bol scripting then you look for the right place to start! In this blog I will share what is scripting in Bol, what script programs you can choose, how to use script, which champ is good/best with script, and much more about scripting!

Here is an example how your game screen would look like after you turn on a scripting program: pic 1


Here is how a Kat easily get Penta with non-human alien speed in youtube:

I will talk about what is scripting in next post!

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