Scripting program choices

Currently there are 3 main Lol scripting programs:

1. Elobuddy pic 4

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment: 68,900

Elobuddy was started after another scripting program LeagueSharp started to charge money. Elobuddy is very closed to LeagueSharp performance now after launching and improving for a year. Elobuddy is my recommendation for now if you don’t want to spend money for little bit more mature choices LeagueSharp or Bot of Legends.

My scripting score for Elobuddy: 87


2. Bot of Legends

Bol logo

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment: 70,312

Bot of Legends, people call it Bol, is the one with longest history and the first popular scripting program. You can either choose to pay subscription and buy scripts or trail mode. The trail mode is very limited so you don’t even need to try it. For the subscription, you need to $10 per month and buy scripts. The scripts are pretty expensive and the creators of the scripts directly decide and charge a price. If you want perfect and buy the best scripts, you need to expect to pay like $2000-$3000 and a lot of those scripts would be outdated after like a year or months, so you need to pay like extra $1000 per year after your initial buy process.

If you really can pay a a lot for potentially the best, Bol should be your option. Since the creators of scripts can directly charge money which is not how LeagueSharp does business, theoretically the best script developers would be in Bol.

My scripting score for Bol: 97 (only if you are willing to spend that much money and buy the best scripts)


3. LeagueSharp

leaguesharp logo

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment:  63,709

LeagueSharp was started as a free service after Bol existed for many months. Since it was free and decent it became popular in very fast speed. LeagueSharp eventually became a subscription service and also provide limited free service for members. With $15 monthly subscription fee, paid member can play in ranked and unlimited number of games. For free member they can only play 2 games per day and non ranked only.

LeagueSharp scripting ability is very closed to Bol except theoretically Bol has few best script developers and seem like Bol has some advantage for some scripts like “Orb Walker”. But $15 is much cheaper and you get everything with $15 per month comparing to those Bol script prices.

My scripting score for L#: 93

As you can see all these 3 scripting program have very similar world traffic ranking which means their web traffic is around the same and no clear winner now.

Latest update: LeagueSharp will be closed on Feb 2017!


There is a forth choice which is GamingOnSteroids. It started around the same time period as Elobuddy but its technical structure is not that well and lack of developers support, so eventually it becomes more like a dead project with much worse web traffic than the 3 above:

gos logo

Alexa world internet traffic ranking at this moment:  239,739

I hope you can pick one that suitable for you!