Today is iPhone X launch day and you should not get one! Here is why! The best iPhone X review! 3

iPhone X super sucks for many reasons:

-This is the worst iphone launch day ever! Almost no queuing at all! The price in grey market is already a losing deal for the seller! It used to be the easiest money on earth if you can get one and sell it! The best was like 500% profit! Apple must know they are in trouble and fasten all the shipping date! When iphone 8 was damn unpopular no one even tries to buy or talk about it, and big lose for sell in grey market, some people just blame it is the iphone x, but now what to blame? The weather is not good today so not many people want to iphone x? iphone offers more than 80% profit for Apple, and the rest like iwatch, macbook all are based on the convenient connection with iphone. iphone is done then whole apple is done, just like how apple almost disappeared in history before Steve Jobs joined the company agian. But there is no Steve comes back this time! You are on your own gay Cook! iphone becomes just another phone in the market and nothing special. People feel too boring with nothing really new again and again and this crazy expensive shit really turn too many people off. Time for Cook to feel the real pain and the true fall for Apple is coming!

-It is crazy expensive! minimum $1000 US dollars without even count tax yet! It is around $1300 US dollars in a lot of European countries! Think about all the poor kids without enough food in poor countries! It doesn’t even make sense to spend $1000 dollars for a phone which is only new for a year! $1149 for 256 version!

-$199 Apple Care which is 20% of the phone price, and you still need to pay money if you break the phone! $75 for fast charging adapter and cables which are not included in the box! $1000 most expensive phone in the world just comes with an ancient super low charger and cable! Information showing the official apple charging panel the AirPower is going to charge $199!

-If you buy basically the most expensive phone on earth, you would not save the money to buy the case and screen protector right? Otterbox is like the most popular case brand in US now and the case costs $60 and the glass protector is $40, so total $100.

Let’s do the math: $1149+$199+$75+$199+$100=$1722, let’s say 10% sales tax and it becomes $1894.2! Almost $1900!!! If you live in Europe that would be around 15% more which is $2178.33! almost $2200!!!

$2200 for a phone that would be a damn old outdated tech thing no one even cares just after one year! $2200 for a phone with basically 1 year cool only! Are you crazy or what!?

-iphone x notch is the worst and the ugliest design in the world. No one can even imagine Apple has tons of money to hire anyone but comes up something like this. It just looks like an old man without hair at that part! That part would be covered up for whatever you try to read or watch! Apple you call this innovative? People just call it the ugliest thing ever! Don’t do design stuff if you suck at it!

-FaceID technically has serious problem. Even their leader cannot unlock his phone in Key Note, isn’t this funny? A Taiwanese reported to news that his iphone X face detection stops working right out of the box! So he called Apple and you know what, Apple said he cannot just get a new phone! Only repair for him! That means like no phone for him like at least a week but he just bought the phone and deserves to get a new phone right? How to even use this fucking shit phone without faceid? Apple customer service sucks like this! Just like the faceid! faceid would be fine if there is touchid in iphone x as well, but apple just cut the touchid off so you have no choice! You want to unlock a phone while driving? Look at it and car crash!

-There are so many situations that touchid is perfectly fine but faceid sucks like shit. For example, a lot of detection in supermarket kind of hidden at some corners, you can push your iphone there but if you need to put your head on the front of it then it is an impossible mission, or you need to look like a stupid dog in order to do that.  faceid is not practical at all.

-It takes 3 steps to open the phone with faceid but one step for touchid, it doesn’t make any sense except the data and design is mainly for CIA to collect data worldwide.

-Samsung is very famous for Amoled screen burn-in. That is the worst thing Apple would put that in its iphone and you know what? Apple really make this choice to put this burn-in screen in iphone X! After around a year all those burn-in would come out! I have no idea what Apple management at all, this makes the worst nightmare for Apple but keep sending money to its enemy Samsung!

-Animoji is like the only thing innovative in iphone x! You want to look stupid on street! Use Animoji! Iphone x is for 2 or 3 years old so they make Animoji? This Animoji is truly stupid for any adult!

-iphone has nothing new or innovative except Animoji! Everything “new” is just copy and paste from Android! Just like wireless charging has been in Android for over 5 years already! Apple is just a copy cat and why a copy cat phone worth so much at all!? Apple is no different from all those China phone brands, just copy and paste!

-Every single year Apple uses different way to tell you there would be big shortage! Of course they don’t directly tell you but they ask the media which always gives them the best 10/10 scores in review to tell you! Do they have money deal? I believe so. Just like they find famous youtubers to “early review” the phone before release but they don’t even need to give the phone back to Apple! You know what happens next year if you don’t give a perfect review to iphone x right? You know how much selling an iphone x before even release right? How about offering you the most expensive trip to our main office to “review” the phone? I saw some youtubers have all these kind of things for different phone brands! They can do that legally in US!

-Most of the control in iphone x is different or even reverse comparing to iphone 8-6. So once you get used to and learn the iphone x way, you don’t want to buy the “cheaper version” of iphone next year! Yeah you fall in another mental trap of Apple!

-Why design both front and back with glasses!? Because it is damn easy to be broken! Crazy expensive to get a replacement even under warranty, with or without apple care! Damn easy broken then much more easy money for Apple!

-This is started from iphone 7 but agian no 3.5″ jack, the only reason is to force you to buy much more expensive headphone from Apple!

-The battery size is damn small comparing to almost any android phone! 2xxx size is unacceptable for this decade! Stop doing that Apple! Apple cut cost and doesn’t care what you need!

I will update this article after people report more serious problems with their phones.

So Apple is going down and no one would want to buy a phone from a falling kingdom especially with these many problems above.

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