The best and honest OnePlus 5 OP5 review

OP5 is just a fuck up phone!

Let’s sum up the selling points of this fuck up OverPrice5:

-Discontinue OP5 after 4 months! Not even 6 months like last year! Do they care about any OnePlus5 owner? No. OP5 is so fuck up that even they feel no hope and the only way is to make a OP5T and start everything again! But OP5T is like 99% same as OP5 anyway! The same shit!

-Jelly fish screen! They design the screen to be upside down, what the fuck!? The worst engineering ever in human history! This is a hardware stupid damn design that cannot be fixed! Keep scrolling and then all jelly fish “effect” comes out! Does this OP5 design team even has a brain!? 200% brainless design!

-Send a lot of your information from phone to a myth server! They don’t care about your privacy at all! Your information and data becomes OP $$$

-Camera has no ois at all, your hand better to be perfectly no shake!
-2007 tech 1080 mon in year 2017
-835 cpu and 6gm ram, mi6 provide the same but op5 is around 156% price of mi6

-Both op5 and mi6 use a cheaper and worse version of 835, not the same version of 835 like S8 U11
-crazy high price, this is unreally crazy, especially the price in europe, may be this phone is for the lords in europe
-budget phone small sensor r9s, a budget phone that is 8 months ago. Just call op5 a flagship ok?
-thin bezel, waterproof, any advanced tech ….no no no…don’t have anything like these! But even a much cheaper Mi6 has waterproof function!
-3.5″ jack is included, wow this is the only real selling point lol xd
-smaller size battery than 3t. OP needs to increase profit ok? They dont care how long can you keep your phone on
-iPhone looking copycat. People using iPhone look down on china brand iPhone looking stuff users. The funny thing is this op5 is so expensive that why not just buy a real iPhone 6s
-OP is a sub company of OPPO but always pretending to be small company and no resource for high tech stuff in a phone. OPPO is one of the best selling top 3 phone companies now
-Giving out cheating fake benchmark. Such a dirty company!

-If you call 911 or other emergency number of other countries, your OP may just reboot and you just cannot reach police! This is the latest bug people found out in real emergency situation and the fucking OP5 just reboot! Seriously this is the worst phone ever! After this is found out then other people try this in many countries and same fucking reboot happens! Even you buy a bomb7 and you are unlucky enough that it explodes, the bomb7 may be not next to you or whatever then nothing really bad happens, but if you call 911 or other emergency local number then you are 100% in serious danger then the most fucking thing you can have at that moment is your fucking OP5 phone just reboot again! Call again? Reboot again! Please don’t buy this fucking OP5 phone even just because this single factor and even before you read the rest of this review! They fixed this through patch but you can easily tell how careless they are and they don’t even do any quality checking! They have no idea what the fuck they are doing!

-People just found out OP even lie about the zoom level of OP5! Always using “2x” as promotion but actually the phone cannot do optical 2x at all! OP is the worst liar ever!

-People start using their OP5 then massive report there are big wifi problem. You expect a 2017 “Flagship” is great, but actually even the simple wifi doesn’t work!

-So many people report the GPS has “random pointing” problem, use this phone as your driving gps is the worst thing you can try in your life!

-After users used the phone for few days, many report the battery goes down quickly like no tomorrow! Not surprise for a china brand having china battery quality!

-The latest problem is the jelly scrolling problem! OP said it is “natural” and not even a problem! Ho my god OP are you serious? You don’t want everyone refunds the phone and you cannot fix it since it is hardware problem then you just say it is “natural”? LOL This is such a dirty shit company!

-And people found out the screen is actually designed to be upside-down and that is the result why jelly scrolling happens. The reason should be they want to save some space in the phone for the duo camera, and the funny thing is the duo camera is more like a joke and just a dummy! Would you really spend that much money buying a phone with the screen upside-down!? I feel sorry for any OP5 owners!

-OP official support said this in Twitter: “The screen so called jelly effect is caused by the user’ eyes persistence of vision (visual staying phenomenon or duration of vision).” OP, are you tired of proving how horrible you are? This is like the worst way to treat your customers like trash!

Conclusion: OP5 is the biggest disappointment in phone history! Basically there is no improvement at all from 3T but charge you much more $$$! You need to protect your wallet from this Chinese Cheater! 4 months stop selling this bullshit OP5! Fucking crazy money focus only but suck with everything about the phone sub company from giant phone company OPPO!

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