AMD Ryzen sucks? I agree for current price!

This is a scripting blog and of course I use mainly use gaming to measure how good the cpu is. With much cheaper price, 7700K is like the king of gaming while 1800X cannot even come close to gaming performance even with maximum overclocking. For a lot of other stuff that people normally use, Ryzen series basically lose in every benchmark except few software can fully use more than 4 cores like atomic bomb simulation, steaming 4K, 4K video editing kind of software. Do you really do any of these stuff like atomic bomb simulation? at least 999 people out of 1000 would not!

The Ryzen charges much more but just little bit faster than I5 in most games. If AMD really wants to be competitive, just cut the price like 50% and make it lower than I5, then it makes much more sense and competitive.

No doubt AMD stock price keeps dropping after the real Ryzen had came out. It is far from expectation for this price range and people choose to vote for not with AMD in stock market.

I am not big fan of Intel, just want to share my thought since I like to hang out in hardware forums and reddit.

Another big issue is that Ryzen has a lot of bugs now, except you just like to try new tech stuff, go through those kind of bug is a horrible experience for sure.

Intel doesn’t really have price cut to react at all, Ryzen is definitely over price.

It is just great that Ryzen can force Intel to have some price cut or giving out better cpu with cheaper price, but I don’t think AMD cpu is a great choice at all.

DirectX 12 is the main limitation. It still can only use around 4 cores and game developers would not waste time to find ways to make it use 6 or 8 cores. Even the new game Ashe which is developed with AMD for years still let 4 cores 7700K wins.

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